A requirements specification is written. The background is that a relative built several speedboats that gradually becomes more and more expensive to go with. Moreover, it is always a major bumping when the wind blows ...

The idea of ​​mechanical side stabilizing hydrofoil born. A 1:5 scale model is built and the idea is verified to work.

A reference group of supporters created. We get development support from ALMI.

A small motorboat purchased and rebuilt into a working prototype that we can ride in.

Extensive tests with the prototype with different load and operating conditions.

Further tests of the prototype. Demonstrations for several companies, journalists and other stakeholders.

In January is a 5-page article published ablout Elektrofoil in the swedish newspaper Båtnytt. We specify, design and build our concept boat. Continued marketing.

We design and build our new concept boat "Sväva" and the invention is named FOILTWISTER. The Swedish patent granted.

The Concept boat is launched at the boat show "Allt för Sjön" in Älvsjö. We get a great response with over 100 people who want to try it out. Visitors commented: "This is the biggest thing to happen in 10 years in the boating industry" or "FOILTWISTER made ​​it worth going to the boat show this year." 

During the summer we make demonstrations and test rides in Stockholm. The newspaper Vi Båtägare have a multi-page story in the September issue.

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