Status report January 2017

Information on the website has not been updated in a long time ..

Here is a summary of what has happened since last time:

Honda United States showed interest in our idea and visited us for demo tour summer 2015.

It resulted in the continued interest from the development side of Honda power products in Japan. They visited us for demo tour autumn of 2015. We received an order for a hydrofoil kit to a test boat. The kit was delivered in March, 2016.

Honda chose to return the kit to us in November 2016. We installed the kit on our test boat and in writing, test the boat with the assembled kit is on its way back to Honda in Japan.

The conclusion we have drawn is that it is too complicated (and not commercially motivated) to design retrofit kit hydrofoil on usual standard boats.

We have now developed a custom hull that better meets the specific requirements of a hydrofoil. Production of a test airframe has started taking place during the first quarter of 2017. An important detail is that it is possible to use an unmodified standard engine in this configuration.

The purpose of the test vessel is to try hull shape, other details such as foils and other stabilization features, we feel confident. The first test run is planned for April 2017.

We are currently seeking partners and funding to create a product of this.

In connection with this, this website is getting a new look and a unique possibility to support the project will be through Crowd funding.

Stay tuned and check out for more news in the spring!

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