About us

Elektrofoil AB is a Swedish company that specializes in hydrofoil tehcknology for boats.

We develop, sell and deliver solutions mainly based on own and patented technology.

The company has a 15 year history of technology development and has in recent year taken a step towards the market.

Now show and we deliver our technology both to individual persons as well as companies.

The Swedish boat industry have recently shown that there are clear market difficulties with the traditional boats for different reasons. We believe that a significant change in the industry to lower fuel costs, reduce environmental impact and to start using "new ideas." Here is new Foiltwister perfect!

Please contact us and we will tell you more.


Our vision is that all new boats in the world will equipped with our patented hydrofoil solution to get:

extremely low fuel consumption - 75% reduction!
a convenient way to travel quickly at sea even in rough seas
low environmental impact through non-existent waves

We intend to become the world-leading supplier of self-configuring and retractable hydrofoil systems to boat manufacturers.

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