EFP16 is a newly developed small hydrofoil that can carry up to four people including driver. The boat is approximately 5m long and can be easily transported on a standard boat trailer. The typical user wants to transport in 25 knots from A to B as comfortable, environmentally friendly and cheap as possible. EFP16 uses an unmodified outboard engine that is available in standard versions with long shaft. EFP16 has been developed in collaboration with Mannerfelt Design Team.


Preliminary design EFP16, design registered: 004662658

The EFP concept means that the size of the carrier plan can be scaled up to larger versions with maintenance of the same fine characteristics and performance.


An upcoming major transport boat aimed at both individuals and commercial actors. Power Source is a 200 hp standard outboard engine with ultra long shaft. The first product will be available in 2019.


EFP Exclusive

Mannerfelt-designed hydrofoil boat that builds on the FT58, our first fully proprietary carrier plan boat (visible on youtube in a large number of sequences). EFP Exclusive flies significantly higher than other models. The power source is a proprietary electric motor in POD design. The product is no longer restricted by the length of traditional outboard engines, so we have the freedom to fly high above the waves on a windy bay. As the boat is powered by the engine underneath the water, the journey will be experienced quietly and very pleasantly. This delicious bite will be a little more expensive, but we are convinced that customers will be delighted. There is no better way to move on the lake by motorboat - sailors will be jealous! The timetable for completing this "Lady" depends on the interest!


Preliminary design available, may be displayed by agreement

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